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Talking to Daddy

“People let me tell you about my best friend, he’s a warm hearted person who loved me to the end…”

courtship of eddies father

If you recognize these lyrics it means that you are either officially getting old, or that you have parents who let you watch this special show in syndication. The name of the show was, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. As each new story began to unfold, the characters would enter the scene as the end of the upbeat song continued softly in the background, (people let me tell you about my best friend…).

I loved that show. Not growing up with a Dad in my home, I used to fantasize that I was Eddie and that Bill Bixby was my kind, sensitive, Caucasian father. I was well aware that Eddie was a little boy and I was a little girl, but those minor details did not deter me from allowing my imagination to run wild about all the things I would tell my dad when he came home, just like Eddie did.

Fathers are very important to the security of a child. Not just a Father in the sense of biology, but a daddy. The term daddy brings with it a sense of intimacy, whimsy and fun. When my children were young they used to ask, “Is Daddy home yet?” There was a sense of great anticipation in their wide eyes as the words formed on their lips. There was always something that they wanted to tell him or show him, but more often then not, they just wanted to be with him.

I grew up in a time when divorce was rare. It was a time when schools still had father/daughter events to which I would bring my grandfather whom I loved deeply. When my curious classmates asked, “how come you don’t have a daddy?”, I often felt ashamed that although I had a father, I did not have a daddy. That shame ultimately led me straight to the heart of God. Abba, and Aramaic word that translates – Daddy. When I learned that Abba is one of the names used to describe God in the bible, I felt a lifting of my lonely heart. I too could have a relationship with a daddy.

father and daughter

In every episode of The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Eddie would have an earth shattering problem that could only be solved by talking to his father. That is what prayer is for me. My mind is often filled with the troubles of the world. I don’t just muse about difficult situations in my own life, but as I look at so many of the heart breaking situations of our times, I somehow think I can take on those on as well; However, when I crawl into the lap of my heavenly father, I remember again that, “He is before all things, and by Him all things hold together”(Col. 1:17). Children often see their dads as the biggest and the strongest. My children are never afraid when Dad is near.

If you struggle at times with uncertainty and insecurity about your life like me, trust that Daddy knows. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He promised never to leave us or forsake us. Jeremiah 29:11-13 reminds us that he has plans for our lives. We can call him and he will answer as we seek him with all of our heart.

Prayer is not some unattainable spiritual exercise set apart for the super religious among us. Prayer is best initiated in the context of love. Brandon Cruz, the actor who played Eddie on the show, did an excellent job of portraying a son who loved his dad and knew that his father loved him. In an environment of love we can talk about anything.

11 thoughts on “Talking to Daddy”

  1. I never knew how blessed I was until I became an adult and met so many people who did not have a father. I couldn’t imagine what that was like. Being a “daddy’s girl” I felt most sure of myself when I was in his presence. Like my father I am overly emotional and sometimes carry too many burdens of which I have no control. I am trying to learn to rest in my heavenly father and know that he is working it out for the person and I need to let go. My father learned this through my mom she was much better at it than he was. I think it is easier for me to rest in God’s love and protection because I had the relationship that I had with my father. He was my strong tower who taught me to lean on him in times of trouble. It is probably why when things aren’t working out for me, I get weepy and go into my I miss my Daddy mode, but that only last for a short time because I know my heavenly father is always covering me no matter what. Thanks Dad!

    Teresa (Terri) Warfield

    1. Praise The Lord! What a great gift to have enjoyed a family with two parents. Maybe God allowed this so you can help others to know the love of our Heavenly Father. Thanks for continuing the dialogue… People need to know the fathers love and how to communicate with Him.

      Sent from my iPad

  2. I LOVED that show growing up. I grew up in a one-parent home with just my mommy, and although I knew of my father I didn’t know him. However, my heavenly Daddy gave me and my biological father a second chance when I turned 25, and it was then that I discovered my earthly daddy. I have to say that God gave me 10 GREAT years with him. As a matter of fact today, 10 years ago I buried him which was also the day before my 5th wedding anniversary. My dad’s re-entrance back in my life was definitely God’s timing because although he was not around for major life events as I was growing up, such as my high school graduation, I was privileged to have him walk me down the aisle for THE major event in my life. He handed me over to a wonderful man I now call my husband. Those 10 years with my dad were the BEST. One thing I told him when he came back was it no longer mattered what he did, or did not do for or with me the years prior. The only thing that mattered was God was giving us a second chance to have a daddy-daughter relationship and I wanted to run with that. Today, when I think about him I can smile and enjoy the memories we made in the 10 years we were given. I miss my biological dad every day, but my heavenly daddy is the BEST!

  3. I read this blog when it was originally posted and then again tonite. My brother’s sudden death has put me in a totally different place of need and dependance on my Daddy. I need him desperately just to breathe and I was reminded that He bottles my tears. His is the only hand and lap I need and long for and I’m praying, crying and pressing in.

    1. Amen – no one understands the depth of our grief like our Abba Daddy. He brings forth Springs of Living waters to refresh our souls.
      He has a divine purpose for every season of our lives.
      Continually praying for you.

  4. I can appreciate and I am also disappointed in the lack of an earthly Daddy in the crucial years of my development. But as I grow near to my heavenly Daddy and embrace and bask in his great love for me, I asked him often to help me not to place expectations on the fathers in my sphere of influence. I am deeply moved by fathers to take the mantle and deeply love their children. I pray that the Lord will use me as a source of encouragement or to point men in the direction to be equipped and edified to be the men that God has created them to be. Thank you Pastor Chris for this mediation which is crucial to developing Whole People for the Whole World!!

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